Are iron the metal and the iron in your blood the same thing?

Not exactly. They are both made of the same iron atom. The element of iron has 26 protons and 30 neutrons.


If you are low on iron, chewing on a metal bar will have no effect. The difference between blood iron and metal iron is how they are arranged. Metal iron forms a crystal box structure. The iron in your body is contained in two proteins called hemoglobin and myoglobin.

Hemoglobin is the protein in your blood that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide. It is made of four protein molecules, each of which have a compound called heme. The heme compound is the part that contains an ion of iron. It is this iron that is responsible for the red color of your blood.

Myoglobin is a similar protein, but it stores oxygen in the muscles instead. Myoglobin also contains heme, and therefore iron.

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